Kōbee Bee Nutrition

"There has never been a time in history when the natural environment has been under greater threat than it is now, and therefore the need for new ideas and innovation to combat the destruction of nature on which we all depend has never been greater."

-Sir David Attenborough

KōBEE Bee Nutrition is a mixed seaweed concentrate designed to provide all the essential amino acids, minerals and trace elements for optimum bee and hive health.

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KōBEE is currently being used with huge success by New Zealand Mānuka Beekeepers – find out more and other details in our News section here.

Latest News

We are now proud to be BioGro input-certified, which means our KŌBEE Bee Nutrition can be used by bee keepers who produce organic honey.
Scientists and beekeepers undertaking a three-year study into the mixed blend seaweed bee nutrition tonic, KōBEE, are impressed with the early results from Phase 1 of the project and will now move into Phase 2 involving a wider cross-section of beekeeping…
Years of research, field trials and formulation development of the ground-breaking KōBEE Bee Nutrition tonic were recognised when the New Zealand Seaweeds team were presented with the Ravensdown Innovation & Environment Award for 2018 at the National…

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