Bee Nutrition

Kōbee Bee Nutrition

KōBEE Bee Nutrition is a mixed seaweed concentrate containing our own proprietary formula to deliver a highly effective, unique solution for optimum bee and hive health all year around.


What are the advantages of using Kōbee?

Nature’s Ingredients - Seaweed

Our mixed blend of red, green and brown seaweeds each have unique nutritional profiles which combine to give a much wider range of nutrients.

Pollen Supplement

Including KōBEE as part of your regular bee feeding programme will help ensure your bees and hives stay strong and healthy all year round.

Amino Acids, Minerals & Trace Elements

The essential building blocks to optimal bee health, our concentrated mixed seaweed blend contains all essential amino acids as well as the recommended daily requirement of minerals & trace elements.

Home Grown

KōBEE was developed by beekeepers for beekeepers right here in New Zealand.