Comparison Trial Shows a Great Start for Wairarapa Beekeeper

Fourth generation beekeeper, Lottie Rayner, decided to run her own comparison trial using the new KōBEE Bee Nutrition when business development manager, Wayne Roberts, discussed the product with her.

“In November 2016, my husband and I were given some KōBEE Bee Nutrition to try on our beehives,” explains Lottie. “We decided to run a comparison trial where we set up new beehives, feeding half with straight sugar syrup and the other half with KōBEE - the results were outstanding. Our KōBEE hives out preformed our hives that were fed straight syrup.”

Based in Wairarapa, operating a sheep and cropping farm with her husband and two young children, Lottie is well known in the New Zealand beekeeping industry from the many years she has spent managing corporate beekeeping operations.

The positive results to her home field trial were enough to convince Lottie to start feeding KōBEE to all their beehives. Charlotte is already impressed with the results to her other hives too

“Our hives that had been struggling to pick themselves up after a tough season were soon thriving,” confirms Lottie. “We have continued feeding KōBEE during winter and, at this stage, our bees are looking the healthiest and strongest we’ve seen in years.

“We are now excited to see how our hives look going into spring.”