Unique Bee Nutrition Tonic Has Bees & Beekeepers Buzzing

As winter approaches, beekeepers nationwide are now well into their feeding programmes and carefully monitoring their hives. The health of our bees going into winter gives a reasonably fair and early indication of how well we will be looking going into the new season this spring.

However, aside from sugar syrup, more and more beekeepers are seeing the incredible results of including a mixed seaweed concentrate such as that offered by the newly developed KōBEE Bee Nutrition tonic which gives a boost of amino acids, minerals and trace elements to the sugar syrup feed.

Based in Waihau Bay, Cape Runaway, Mark O’Brien manages 1,050 hives which are located on land from Te Kaha through to Omau and out to Te Araroa on the East Cape. Using KōBEE Bee Nutritionfor the first time in late 2016, Mark continues to be impressed with the results he is achieving.

“The product works well for me,” agrees Mark. “The hives are a lot stronger and the bees are lasting a lot longer – they are just in better condition.”

Incorporating KōBEE into his regular feeding programme, Mark mixes 20ml of KōBEE per litre of sugar syrup before placing it into the feeders. He credits using KōBEE for making his bees healthier than he has ever seen them before.

“I have never seen them this strong at this time year (as reported in June 2017). Even after a bad year, they are looking good. I’m utilising more sugar syrup because the bees are hungrier and stronger, and the hive is more active - I’m very happy with the product and the results.”

KōBEE is the only bee nutrition tonic in the world to incorporate mixed seaweeds delivering the highest value of essential amino acids, minerals and trace elements for optimum bee and hive health (see table).

As NZ Seaweeds Technical Manager Kath Coopey explains, “We are in a unique position to be able to choose the seaweed species and combination of seaweeds closest to that of the bee’s natural pollen and food needs.”

“The main question beekeepers ask is how often they should be use KōBEE,” continues Kath. “Our recommendation is that they should use it every time they feed sugar syrup.”

KōBEE is now a listed product within the Farmlands range.Some stores will have the 1L, 5L & 20L containers in stock while the larger volume containers (100L, 200L & 1,000L) will need to be ordered.